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Privacy Policy


Privacy Statement does not ask for information unnecessary to the purchase. We are committed to protecting our clients’ identities and confidentiality. Similar safekeeping of data is also extended to guests and subscribers of the website.

Please take note that information requested from buyers is for the sole purpose of selling, as well as delivery of products. Only selected workers are authorized to gather and handle data. None of the information we received is permitted to be released outside the site.


Section 1: Information Collection from Users, Site Guests, and Customers

a. Personal Information – Before data is collected, buyers are informed about how the process works. You can refuse if you feel uncomfortable with it. Software Mart Canada gathers information in the most careful and polite manner possible. We will respect the decision of a client to provide us with personal information or not.

b. Other Non-Personal Information – Non-personal data is obtained only for business functions. We do not sell or share them with other sites or companies. The following pieces of information (which does not have direct connection to the client) may likewise be collected to assist in the improvement of our site as well as our services:

• Web pages visited
• Time stamp of the visit
• Operating system used
• Cookies
• Internet Service Provider (ISP)

c. Business Information – Business card data is gathered, saved, and secured, and this includes the name and position/title of the buyer, business address, and email address. We will not compromise information that is relevant to the buyer and business transactions in any way. We promise utmost privacy in the handling of pertinent information.


Section 2: Assent

The personal, non-personal, and business information of a client is collected during these phases of purchase: authentication, confirmation of payment, and successful completion of transaction. Buyers automatically consent to the collection of data for the purpose of processing the purchase during site visit and order placement. In case there is a need to use data for other purpose(s), shall advise the client. As mentioned before, clients and users have the right the reject or allow the use of their personal data in methods and purposes acceptable to them.

A client who declined can change his mind and may contact customer support or email us at the soonest possible time.


Section 3: Legal Age

Clients and visitors who access the site automatically confirm that they are of legal age. This also validates that their dependents that are under legal age, is provided with consent to use and access the site.


Section 4: Disclosure

Disclosure of Information will only happen for either of these purposes alone:

• Any confirmed breach of any of the Terms of Service we set on the use of the website and purchase of the items

• Required, requested or ordered by law


Section 5: Email Marketing

Email marketing is practiced by Softwaremart Canada to continuously inform and update clients on the latest products, promos, and activities that are valuable to users, clients, and regular site guests. Our emailing list is merged using email addresses provided by subscribers. Our regular emails to clients and recipients can be stopped by opting to ‘unsubscribe,’ particularly if they no longer want to get updates from us or if they choose to stop their subscription to our newsletter.

Click the ‘unsubscribe’ button that can be found at the bottom of the email. Soon as clients hit this button, their names, business designations, email addresses, work or home addresses, and other contact details will be removed from the emailing list automatically.

Selling and sharing of client information to third party is not the custom of Red Box Software. We have no intention of disclosing this information to any individual, group, and organizations other than ours.


Section 6: Referral Links

Our Privacy Policy envelops the whole content, including the web pages, of Soon as you click links that land you to different websites, new Security and Privacy Policies are in effect so you will need to read and understand them carefully. This will help you protect your personal information.

Please be aware that we cannot be held liable for any leakage of personal information because you visited links or pages outside of our site.


Section 7: Security

It is our responsibility to make sure that your personal information is protected all the time. We stay committed to meeting the standard practices within the industry to prevent the loss, flawed access, alteration, misuse, disclosure, and damage of data.

We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt data. We utilize AES-256 to make sure that information is protected. We also adhere to the PCI-DSS requirements on electronic transmission of information. Generally, we follow guidelines that are duly accepted by the industry.


Section 8: Use of Cookies

The use of cookies is to identify returning site guests. Non-personal data collected is used for certain purposes, such as up-selling, cross-selling, and enhancing site experience of users, visitors, and buyers.

A cookie is sent to the browser of users by the sites they visit. The browser keeps the cookie in the users’ PCs and gathers data like location and language setting. As they come back to the site, the users’ browsers send back the cookie to these sites.

Clients may choose to enable or disable the cookies. As they ‘enable,’ certain information will be stored but they will be properly notified should cookies are saved on the hard drive.


Section 9: Modifications, Additions, and Other Forms of Amendments to Privacy Policy

We encourage users or visitors to read and understand the Privacy Policy and to frequently check the page for changes that may take place. Softwaremart Canada maintains its right to modify, add, or change any part of the site. These changes will be in effect soon as it is posted on the site.

Users, customers, and regular visitors will be informed of these changes. This is done to show transparency on the way we collect and use information. The reason for data collection will be disclosed as well.

In case of company merger and acquisition, all data collected by our business will be transferred automatically to the new owner. This is to guarantee continued offerings and selling of the products of the site.


Section 10: Contact Data

For any concern, please call our Privacy Compliance Office at +1 877-285-1026 or email us at

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