windows computer system virus protection software

Viruses on a computer can come from varied sources. A virus is the last thing you need on your computer as it can damage files and the computer itself.

One of the best ways to keep your computers away from viruses is by installing a Windows system virus protection software. There are different types and brands of antivirus software. When choosing what to install, it is best to know what is compatible with your computer.


No Virus, No Worries

Before going from one site after the other, one of the best things to do is to check for those that are already installed on your computers. There are those that are built in and come with a trial period. This means you can experience what the software has to offer without having to worry about paying for anything. This will effectively keep your computers protected for free, although for a limited period only.


On Multiple Products Installed

If you want an antivirus software installed on your computer even if you have an existing software, you have to uninstall the pre-installed one in order to accommodate the replacement. Internet security or antivirus products are not compatible with each other and will normally the competition as a threat.


Uninstalling and Installing

Uninstalling is easy. All you have to do is to go to the start button and to the control panel. You can find an ‘uninstall program’ button where you can locate the existing antivirus software you want uninstalled.

You can always uninstall it permanently or only for a certain period. After having it uninstalled, restart your computer to make sure that the process of uninstalling is a success.

Now that your previous antivirus software is already uninstalled, your next step is to have your choice software installed. Just follow specific instructions when installing and you are good to go. Installation procedures may vary; however, all software have the same goal and that is to keep your files, documents, and computers safe and free from virus.

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