windows 10 tricks and hacksLearning tricks and hacks will definitely make it easier to use a software or program such as Windows 10. So, without further ado, here are six Windows 10 tricks and hacks you should certainly know about.

  1. You can minimize all windows that you have opened except for the active window you are currently working on.  Just click on the title bar of the active window and drag it back and forth very quickly in order for all other windows to be minimized except the one that you dragged and shaked.
  2. You can open the menu properties faster by holding the ALT key then double click a program, file, or folder to open its Properties menu.
  3. You can also access the latest Window keyboard shortcuts by pressing the Windows key plus I to open the new Windows keyboard setting menu.  Click on Windows key plus A in order to launch the latest Action Center and press on Windows key plus X to open the supposedly secret Start menu. I took a screenshot of these. See image on the right. 
  4. You can conveniently pin the Recycle Bin shortcut in your Start menu.  Just right click on the bin's desktop icon then click on PIN TO START, and the Recycle Bin icon will appear at the right side of your START menu. 
  5. You can access applications in the start menu easily by going to the All Apps section in the Start menu and click a number or letter in order to open a specific app faster than the long usual route.
  6. You can also control the task bar through a keyboard shortcut by pressing on the Windows key plus a number key that corresponds to the position of the program in your taskbar.  Take note that you can only do this task if you have pinned the programs on the bar. 

With these tricks, you now experience a more convenient interaction with your files, programs, and folders in Windows 10. 

Download Windows 10 here!