antivirus and internet security

So why install antivirus software to your PC? Why should you care about buying one? Here are four scenarios to consider to understand why you need antivirus software for your computers:


I only use my PC to surf the Internet.

You think that there is no need for one because you only surf using your computer. You do not keep any document that bears your personal data. But what about your email? Isn’t that hold vital information about you? Viruses like Trojans have the ability to acquire your email address and password and consequently gain access to your bank account and deplete it. You do not want this to happen to you, right? Then go ahead and download protection for your device.


I do not go online.

Because you want to ensure the protection of your computer, you do not use it to go online. You only write and print office documents in it so your personal records are safe. But, do you borrow your office’s USB to download important papers that need your review at home? If you are likely to answer yes, then your computer is at risk because thousands of viruses can be spread through CDs, flash drives, Word documents, and others.


My kids use the computer – not me – so it does not hold essential data.

It’s possible that your children do not know much about computer and how to be safe using the Internet. For this reason, they are likely to commit a mistake online. They can download something that will be harmful for the unit. They can also be attracted to scamware and others. So the next time you find the need to use it, it may already pose threat to your personal information.


I am always guarded when I am in front of the computer.

You blocked pop-ups in your Windows. You do not download anything and you do not visit sites that are not trustworthy. So, you believe you do not need to install an antivirus software. Wrong! Viruses can come even from websites you trust through malicious links and downloads. 

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