Why only stick to one system when we can use two at the same time? Now with Parallels Desktop 11, you can enjoy the excellence graphic editing application on your Mac, at the same time, access the high qulality Microsoft document editing software in Windows, ON THE SAME SCREEN! This is also very welcoming for new Mac users, who are freshly transferred from Window. The adoptation is smooth, easy and friendly. 



With Parallels Desktop 11, no more unstable startup and system crash will ever happened. They have guaruntee the 50% improvement in system booting. 



20% faster when you load Mircosoft Excel spreadsheet in your Mac, while paralyzing with Windows.  



Double tapping with fingers for QuickLook is now available in Windows content too. 



Locate yourself as you were in Mac, while paralyzing Windows.



The software is suitable for Windows 10 and ready for El Captain.  



Allowing Windows user to keep their virtual assistant Microsoft Cortana within OS X.


Click the link below to watch the full video introduction: 





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