The most significant reason to use Windows 10 is this—PRODUCTIVITY.  You can gain the productivity of a PC even right through your mobile phone. To do so, you need to keep your apps optimized for phone Continuum. This will ensure that your mobile device will get connected to USB-C, Miracast, as well as with the latest release of Microsoft Display Dock.

windows 10 continuum apps

Continuum via Universal Windows Platform

The connection will allow you to instantly interact with any of the Windows apps downloaded while utilizing any mobile device of your choice. The technical term that developers use to describe this is the Universal Windows Platform or UWP. This platform can be used on any given screen.  In principle, UWP app on Windows 10 keeps the Continuum working.  

The compatibility and efficiency of the apps on Continuum can be further maximized using two different ways:

1.    Be keen on building highly responsive apps.

This basically means that the responsive techniques you will be employing can ensure that apps will work effectively on any Windows-equipped mobile device.  As soon as the developed app has been activated to any connected display, it will automatically receive an event called SizeChanged. This activity is quite comparable to what happens to a regular PC when Windows have been received. To make this work, you need to see to it that your app automatically adjusts so as to remain optimized. It should be able to adjust itself to any given resizing requirement. As a simple reminder, your app must run smoothly on an 800x600 pixels resolution.

2.    Explore and check XAML apps

XAML developers can now choose from a myriad of tools to ensure app responsiveness. Some examples of these tools are:

-The RelativePanel is a tool that helps fixate UI elements so they can easily be used in any screen size.

-The SplitView is recommended when high-quality navigation process is required or prioritized

-The WrapGrid is idea for wrapping text and pictures according to the available size of Window

Check which tool is right for you to ensure that the right Continuum flow for your display is selected.

Start of the Windows 10 Continuum on various devices now!

If you have not yet using Windows 10, download it here!

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