Now with detectors attached to Windows 10 PC [Still haven't upgraded yet? Click here to get it in store] ]that can scan your fingerprint, your iris and your face, you can unlock your computer eventually. Soon Windows will launch more than the above to let you login easily. The company just announced, with supported wearable smart bracelet and smartwatch, you can reach your home page through the thin air.

Early in the Computex exhibition in Taiwan, the company’s representer Li-Chen Miller demonstrated this new feature with Nymi smart bracelet, which also reads and show your heartbeat. She then scanned that on the NFC detector and logged in to a Windows 10 notebook by using Windows Hello.

Miller stated that unlocking with wearable devices is 3 times faster than by typing password, the usual way. When you see Miler no longer uses their domestic product and used the device manufactured by NFC this time, you can realized that Microsoft would cooperate with many more brands to make this Windows Hello feature very user friendly. 

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