There is always a challenge when purchasing online, particularly for digital products which are not shipped physically. Aside from the numerous shops to choose from, there is a danger that you may come across fraudulent sites without your knowledge. These kinds of sites can endanger your computer especially your documents and files that are stored. But what can damage or delete your documents or files? Viruses and malware are the culprits of your computer breakdown and eventual file damage or deletion. These may sometimes be present in seemingly innocent files such as those which are supposed to protect your device, like anti-virus or Internet security software.

Software Online Store Canada

SoftwareMart Canada to the Rescue!

There are a couple of anti-virus software that you can come across online, but only a few are reliable enough to keep your computer and files safe. Some brands to consider include Norton, Avast, and McAfee which are all available from (unless it’s out of stock). Software Mart has a list of Internet security and antivirus products that you can make use of on your computers or even on your handy devices such as smartphones and tablets.

These security products can even be installed on the latest Microsoft Windows 10 operating system without hassles. In some cases, an update is needed to make the software compatible for your system.  

Other than antivirus and Internet security programs, SoftwareMart also offers Microsoft Windows operating systems, Microsoft Office, and Office applications. Live reviews can attest to the legitimacy and affordability of our products when it comes to keeping your computers safe and protected from viruses, malware, spyware, and other Internet threats.

Our current bestsellers include Avast Internet Security 2015 1Year/1User, Norton 360, and Norton 360 Multi-device 1Year/3PC.

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