Secure data protection is essential to computer users wherever you are around the world and for whatever purpose the security is needed for – work, business, or personal.


Cloud Technology

The advancement of technology birthed cloud technology. This is a type of storage facility that will provide wide spaces, safe area and easy retrieval of data. Though this type of technology has brought about convenience, security and safety of data, some users still can’t feel sufficient confidence that data protection is indeed provided. We can never avoid such kind of thought especially if we are talking about vital information storage.


Secured Business with Secured Data

Microsoft has been in the business of providing not only software tools to make tasks more efficient, effective and for people to be more productive all at the same time; they have also provided protection and security to users and their corresponding files.

Microsoft has recently partnered with Secure Islands in a post made by Takeshi Numoto, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President. Secure Islands is a company based in Israel and is in the business of providing their clients with data protection, especially with the risks brought about by virtual transactions.

microsoft merger with secure islands

The partnership promises its users a more secure data for their business. This is especially helpful for businesses as business workflow and transactions are made safe, secure and efficient. This does not only apply to computer hardware but also to gadgets connected by cloud such as the Office 365, Azure as well as Android and iOS.

Businesses face different challenges along the way as real-time transactions are made and important data is contained and even shared. There are risks involved, which is why choosing the software that can provide you the security you need is of importance.

With the latest Microsoft merger with Secure Islands, users are indeed secure; no boundaries, no worries for its users.


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