microsoft office 365 on mobile

Microsoft Office 365 on mobile makes its way on major car manufacturers during the recently held Consumer Electronics Show this year at Las Vegas, NV, USA. The event was held last January 6-9, 2016 and brought together major companies in the technology and electronics world, including Microsoft and some car brands which signed a deal to make the former’s services become available on the go.

Some notable developments for Microsoft and several car brands include the following:

Harman with Office 365

Harman will integrate MS Office 365 into their car’s infotainment (information and entertainment) systems and enable access to certain programs through voice recognition via Cortana, Window 10’s digital assistant. This means that Harman drivers and passengers can be able to utilize their idle time on the road during traffic to read and reply to emails, access and schedule meetings, attend video conferences (Skype), and create reports or presentations. Some processes are only possible though (such as Skype usage) when the vehicle is parked or on automatic cruise control.

Harman will also apply advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) to help lessen driver’s stress levels by setting all devices into a do-not-disturb mode once it detects mental or physical issues using eye sensors.

Harman will also work with Towersec’s technology to protect their car’s system from potential hackers.


Volvo and Microsoft Band 2

The Band 2 will allow Volvo drivers to use Cortana for voice command control. You can turn on head lights, honk, power on the AC/heater, and do more by simply dictating the request through the band. The same features were already available with the Apple Watch and Android Wear but without the voice command option available with Cortana.

Volvo had also recently partnered with Microsoft HoloLens to bring virtual and 3D concept into the automobile industry.


Microsoft had also signed similar deals with other car manufacturers to make their software and programs available while on the road through the cloud. Some of the other brands include Nissan, IAV, Ford, Delphi, Qoros and more. More on this topic through this post > Windows Embedded Automotive Made Even Better as Microsoft Teams up with Major Car Companies.





Image credit: Wikipedia