MS Office is the most prestigious software of Microsoft. The cross platform version of Office for Mac hasn't done well so far but the 2016 edition has been launched with major improvements and new features. The Microsoft Office 2016 comprises of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and an upgraded edition of Outlook and OneNote. The productivity of the utility software has been drastically improved. The file management system is better and the options are distributed evenly between ribbons and menus. For example, the Protect Document option is present in both Review Tab and Tools menu. The splitting and duplication of commands between menus and ribbons is appropriate and provides better accessibility.

Microsoft Office 2016 Home & Business Mac

Cloud Storage and Security

Office 2016 has integrated the cloud feature. Users can directly access their OneDrive account. It shows by default all files and folders saved on cloud storage. All three versions of OneDrive are available but Office doesn't permit users to add any other cloud service like iCloud, DropBox etc. With Office 2016, sharing of documents, presentations, and other files is quite easy. Users can share files by restricting its editing option, making it view only. They can also change the format of the attachment to PDF. Users can add different types of protections and restrictions. For instance, using the rights management system, users can restrict the use of any document, spreadsheet or presentation after a particular date.


Improvement in Word, Excel and PowerPoint

More or less, the features remain the same except for a few improvements. In Word and Excel, the AutoCorrect option can be set to automatically correct spelling mistakes. This saves enormous amount of time and makes editing easy. The menus are arranged in a systematic and logical order. In Excel, the shortcuts are similar to that of Windows which makes work easier and faster. The interface of Excel as well as PowerPoint matches its Windows version. The placement of ribbons and menu options is almost the same. Office 2016 has added new animations and transitions to PowerPoint. For professionals Outlook is an important tool. In previous editions for Mac, Outlook wasn't user friendly but in Office 2016, features like synchronization, shared calendar, contacts etc. had been added.


As a whole, Office 2016 Home Business for Mac is outstanding except for a few issues such as when users cannot see the files they share using OneDrive within the MS Office Apps. It also lacks the Windows style extra fast setup which installs the software in no time. The improvements in the interface makes it far better than the 2013 edition. 

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