Microsoft Office 2016 features

Are you wondering why do you need to upgrade to Office 2016 when you are already using an older version?

This is the question of most Office users when they first heard about the release of Office 2016. These are some of the new Microsoft Office 2016 features that will stand out as the answer to the question above:


Real-Time Editing with the Remote Group using Word

People who are from different locations and working on one document can benefit a lot from real-time editing using Google Docs because this speeds up the process. Microsoft offers this feature in Office Online but now this can be enjoyed in Office 2016 apps beginning with Word.


Tell Me, Your Smart Assistant

Now, you’ve got a friend in “Tell Me.” When problem occurs and you need help using Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and other apps in Office, you can just enter your queries in the “Tell Me” box and you will receive assistance related to your search.


Dark Theme

Not all computer users want bright interface or at least, there are times that they need the screen to go darker to lessen the occurrence of tired eyes. That’s not a problem anymore with Office 2016 because it now includes the Dark Gray theme.


Outlook’s Clutter

You receive tons of emails every day but not all of them are important. Some only make a mess in your Outlook inbox. With “Clutter,” messages that are low in priority will automatically be moved in this folder.    

“Clutter” examines the workflow of your inbox – the messages that you deem important and the ones that will likely pay no attention to. Soon as it finds out which messages you ignore, it will be placed in the “Clutter” folder. You will need to activate this feature in the settings to take advantage of it. 

Microsoft Office 2016 is available in Home and Student or Home and Business versions for PC, Home and Business for Mac, Professional and Professional Plus in PC.

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Image used for informational purposes "with permission from Microsoft"