microsoft hololens project

Microsoft is taking the development of the Microsoft HoloLens project to a broader perspective now as it launches the ‘Share Your Idea’ campaign to all app developers across the globe. The main goal is to share, present, and discuss what you envision with the use of Windows SDK and MS HoloLens.

This campaign can be the ultimate opportunity of any developer to have his vision created and released for the world to see and enjoy. Fundamentally, participants may submit their ideas and the Microsoft HoloLens Team will eventually screen them. The campaign will also have its own site which will serve as the forum where developers can submit ideas, discuss, and debate with fellow app enthusiasts.

Developers will have ample time to conceptualize and generate ideas. Once the campaign ends its deadline, the HoloLens team will select, not just one but three ideas to work on. This will also be done with the help of the community members who will be asked to vote for their top choices.  The top 3 successful and most popular ideas will be turned into holographic apps and the source codes will eventually be released back to the community.

microsoft hololens project

Do you have any idea now? Are you excited to take part in this campaign? Well, time to access Remember that submission will only be allowed until January 11th of 2016. To those who are keen on knowing the potentially biggest breakthroughs in the Holographic app creation, then you may also sign up as a member of the community. This will entitle you to a right to vote for the best one. 

Another interesting aspect of this campaign is that the Microsoft HoloLens team will also disclose the entire process of development until the release and review periods.  If you know anyone who would be interested, then let this person know as he could be one of the app builders who would be helped by Microsoft on his personal project.

Microsoft holograms are powered by Windows 10.

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image from the Microsoft Hololens page