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Just last month (December 2015), Microsoft has rolled out a number of updates and Excel, Word, and PowerPoint have joined the bandwagon as well. These updates can only be used by Office 365 subscribers. These updates are all compatible with Android Enterprise, Marshmallow, and Work. One of the biggest improvements is the reduction of size by up to 40%. 

What has changed with Word?     

Apart from the reduced size,  the Word app also gets easier to install. Users can also now download their preferred fonts on the cloud. Moreover, the sign-in method has been simplified. Your details can be selected more easily than in the past.  


What has changed with Excel?

Like Word, Excel is also now available at a reduced app size which is 40% smaller compared to the original. You can download it easily and quickly without having to worry about consuming a large space. It is also now equipped with Cloud-supported fonts so you can easily download your preferred font type at any time. An easier sign-in method is also now made available. One of the biggest improvements yet is the possibility to open any Excel file in a Formula View. Read-only view is likewise compatible with the most recent improved Excel.


What has changed with PowerPoint?

As with Word and Excel, PowerPoint has become light and smaller too; making it quite convenient to download even with only minimal storage left in your device. Subscribers of Office 365 also gets to use the Presenter View functionality. This gives presenters the extra hand as it allows them to check notes using tablets or any mobile devices. However, these notes can remain invisible from the audience as the presenter has full control on what to shown on the screen.


To enjoy these changes and improvements, you just need to download these apps from the Google Play store. 


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