how to use microsoft onenote effectively

Just calling OneNote a digital notebook would not be fair, because it can do so many things. Here are some ways on how to use Microsoft OneNote effectively. 

With OneNote, you can not only take notes with your keyboard, you can also hand write notes with certain devices as well as save photos or videos, join different notes to each other for easy reference, add links or other meta data, tag things to make them easy to find later, save emails or other correspondence, add files to your notes – and so much more.

So, while the things you create with OneNote are called “notes,” they really are made of many more things.

Can you think of any paper notebook that is capable of doing all of these things? Even if you can, would it be able to easily fit in your pocket? OneNote can, if you have it on your smartphone.

More Awesome Things OneNote Can Do 

You probably already have ideas about what you will use OneNote for. Maybe you just want an electronic device to write down your thoughts throughout the day. Perhaps you want somewhere to save your memories, like you would with a scrapbook.

To help you figure out how to get what you want out of the program, here are some more things that you can do with OneNote.


Grab Text from Pictures

This is one of those features that you don’t realize you need, until you have actually used it for the first time.

When you have an image that you have inserted in a OneNote notebook, you can retrieve any text from it. Right click on your image and then choose the option to “copy text from picture.” You should now have that text in your computer’s clipboard, ready to be pasted wherever you like.

In order for this to work properly, you should make sure that your image is of high quality. There is only so much that OneNote can do with a low quality image.

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Image credit: Jari Sjölund/Flickr