how to sync and move files from any windows device


Using Windows 10 on your mobile for the first time can offer the easiest possible way to sync and move files. If you wish to access your photos, music, and other pertinent files from your computer, then make use that you know how to keep them synced when using multiple devices.


How to Move a File from One Location to Another

If you do not intend to sync files and would rather move them instead, then follow these quick steps. First, plug your phone in to the PC. Next is to find the ‘File Explorer’ and open it. Lastly, choose files, drag them, and simply move them to your preferred new location. This is highly recommended if you only intend to move a few files.


How to Sync Files

The best tool you can use for this purpose are apps such as the Microsoft Phone Companion as this will aid you to easily set content up automatically on any mobile device on Windows 10. You will not need any type of cable through this method. If you happen to use both iOS and Android devices too, you can still use the Companion application for your syncing needs. To use this, you just need to log in to your PC. Click Start and find the Phone Companion. Go to All apps and using the search box, just type Phone Companion – et voila! You can access the app in no time.


For other versions of Windows OS (e.g. Windows, 8, or 8.1), you can also download the Microsoft Phone Companion App directly from the Windows Store. This app is touch-enabled and easy to navigate. On the other hand, if you are using Windows 7 and prefer a more classic app for your desktop, then simply download the desktop version. To be able to use it, simply hit ‘RUN’ and everything else is automated. 

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