Are you worried  that you cannot reply to your emails, particularly important ones when you are away from your computer? If you are using Microsoft Outlook, this issue is no longer a problem as the program can automatically respond to your emails.  Of course, you have to set it up in order to avail of this feature.  Here’s how you it's done. First things first though, bear in mind that this feature will only function if your Internet is continuously running. 

How to Setup Auto Response Mode in Outlook Express

So here's how to setup auto response mode in Outlook Express:

  1. First step is to open your notepad.

  2. Then type the message you want to appear within the body of your automatic response like “I am on an important out of town assignment right now, I cannot attend to your electronic messages pronto.  Please accept my apologies and will attend to your emails in two days.” But this of course is just a sample. You can always draft your own messsage. 

  3. Then, choose the File button then the Save tab from the File menu and type “Vacation Auto-Reply” as your file name.

  4. Take note that the attachment should be in *.txt as file type. Once your finished, just click on Save button and close the notepad.

  5. Continue the process by Opening Outlook Express or Windows Mail and then go to the Mail Rules tab.

  6. Click on the New button tab and make sure that the To or CC line contains people's addresses and you have ticked Select Conditions for your rule. You can also check the For All Messages option. To do so, you need to tick on the Reply With Message then choose Contains People link in the Rule Description.

  7. Type your preferred email address and then click on the Add button then Click OK.

  8. Next, click on the message link in the same Rule Description link or page.

  9. Highlight "Vacation Auto-Reply" and open the file.

  10. Find Name of The Rule and type the file name as well, thena double click OK.


You're email auto response is now set. But if you want to undo the auto reply option, just uncheck the rules stated above. 

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