microsoft edge browser interface

The following will introduce you to various features found on the Microsoft Edge browser interface:

  1. Back. Click this icon to revisit the page you just visited.
  2. Forward. Click this icon to return to the page you just left.
  3. Refresh. Clicking this icon reloads a webpage.
  4. Address bar. Clicking this bar let's you enter the web address of a page. You may also type in a search phrase into the address bar.
  5. Tabs. Click this to navigate between different webpages.
  6. Reading View. Click this icon to get a page that is customized for reading. The reading view removes ads and unnecessary information, making it easier to read a webpage.
  7. Add to Favorite or Reading List. Click this icon to add a webpage to your favorite or to add a page to your reading list so you can read it later.
  8. Hub. This tab gives you access to your reading list, favorites, histories, and downloaded files.
  9. Web Note. Clicking this icon enables you to annotate a webpage and save it on OneNote or share it with friends.
  10. Share. Click on this icon to share a webpage with loved ones.
  11. More Actions tab. Click on this icon to access more options on the Edge browser.
  12. Close tab. Click this to close a tab.
  13. Add new tab. Click this to add another webpage.
  14. Minimize Edge browser to the taskbar. Click this icon to reduce the browser to an icon on the taskbar.
  15. Minimize/Maximize Edge browser window. Click this icon to reduce or enlarge the size of Edge Window.
  16. Close Edge browser window. Click this icon to close the Edge browser and close all the opened tabs. Microsoft Edge browser will usually warn you when closing all tabs.

Those highlighted in red font are the best features in my opinion.

Hint: If you mistakenly click or tap a wrong button, don't panic; just keep holding your finger or mouse pointer on the wrong button and then stylishly wove away your finger/mouse (just as if you are dragging the wrong icon) to stop the command from executing. Generally, command don't get executed until you release you finger or mouse pointer.

Microsoft Edge is available for Windows 10