Christmas is just around the corner and for the ones who are looking for a reasonable and useful gift to hand out particularly for tech savvy recipients, a licensed software is a wise choice.


Why buy a licensed software when you can opt to give something tangible like a mobile phone or even a laptop? These days, many have overlooked the value of having a reliable application which is licensed. Some have opted to use the pirated versions but then again, it may only be a matter of time before anti-piracy groups boost their drive against illegally used software. More so, bear in mind that cracked or pirated software do come with a risk. Malware is of course the leading concern followed by possible loopholes that would allow hackers out there to use that breach as a means of stealing data or worse, creating havoc for your workstation altogether.


Though many feel that the probability of getting infected is low, some saying that without a connection to the web will make it close to impossible to do their evil handy work, one has to consider that most computers nowadays are nothing without an Internet connection. Hence, that probability rate of having an infected PC goes higher at this point and controlling access is of course beyond one’s control.

Christmas Gift Ideas 2015 for Techies

Christmas Gift Ideas 2015 for Techies


Microsoft Office applications are one of the leading applications PC users’ need, so why not save yourself with the trouble and get it clean from licensed retailers as early as now before the Christmas rush?


Are you hesitant because of the price?


Compared to the time when they first hit the market, current and slightly older versions are still up and available at a discounted price. Retailers such as offer a lot of hot deals on various PC applications such as Windows operating systems and Microsoft Office, so why not take up the special price offs as we speak? You may be surprised at the reasonable discounts you can get at an already low price so if you have the time, head on over there and check out the hot deals.


A licensed application may not be the first thing that come into mind but it is the most sensible one to hand out for people, particularly the ones who spend lots of time behind a desktop or a PC.

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