Canada Boxing Day


The legendary and historic Boxing Day is a traditional holiday that is celebrated subsequent to the Christmas Season. On this day, millions of servants and tradesmen are receiving presents from their kind hearted bosses or superiors. This special occasion is also remembered in various parts of the world such as the United Kingdom, Bermuda, New Zealand, Kenya and South Africa among others.  However, there are some countries that lawfully christened it with another name. For instance, South Africa has dubbed it as “The Day of Goodwill”. To the Catholic faithful, this is popularly referred to as Saint Stephen’s Day. Despite these modifications, it is still being commemorated every December 26.

Canada Boxing Day

Specifically, Canada Boxing Day is a yearly holiday that gives millions of Canadians the opportunity to take part in annual sales. To get the best deals, there are some shoppers who opt to wait outside store premises as early as possible before the store’s regular opening hours.  These sales events last for seven days between Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve. Simply, this event is alluded to as Boxing Week Sales. On the other hand, there are some territories where it is celebrated every December 27.

Aside from a week-long sale, there are numerous sporting events. Canada Boxing Day is a federal holiday that is listed in the Canadian Labour Code. But, this is not an official holiday in Quebec. Likewise, this is not observed the same way in Alberta and British Columbia.

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Boxing Day Sale


Canada Boxing Day and its origin is too vague during the feudal times.  But, it has dramatically changed over the years. In UK, the Lord of Manor paid their hardworking people accordingly. Those gifts contained the following: agricultural tools, clothes and food. 

During this time of the year, servants are permitted to have their share of leftovers right after Christmas. These are beautifully wrapped in boxes. Ultimately, this is even more touching as churches spread the true essence of Christ’s birth by giving alms to their less fortunate parishioners.

Canada Boxing Day spreads the genuine essence of Christ’s lasting love to mankind regardless of color, race and religion.

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