asus zenbook ux305fa-usm1 signature edition laptop
The stylish and multi-faceted Asus ZenBook UX305FA-USM1 signature edition laptop has been captivatingly equipped with an 8GB memory and magnificently translates itself into a colossal 256GB SSD. Likewise, its elegance becomes more evident due to its ultra-slim physique that distinctively defines a user’s persona with class and sophistication. More so, if you are in search of a laptop that is so light and easy to carry anwhere you might be, this is highly recommended most especially if you are constantly on the go.

This Asus ZenBook version in a Limited Edition offer is exclusively crafted from high-grade materials like a block of genuine aluminium that is beautifully coupled with ASUS' signature spun that has been distinctively finished with those rare to find metallic components on its easy to open lid.

The unmatched efficiency of Windows 10 allows users to intricately create their very own desktop and to put those amazing apps in place. Plus, we have the ZenBook’s Work and Play feature with an easy access process for your utmost convenience. Interestingly, a Work and Play highlight is perfectly compatible with your other devices at home or in your workplace.

Additional Features

The exceptional features of an Asus ZenBook includes a fanless mechanism for its ultra-dynamic hard drive. Essentially, this will result in a noise-free operation no matter how long you work with your laptop.

This ZenBook from Asus is highly recommended for those people who dub themselves as multi-taskers. This is courtesy of a solid state drive component to optimize their file accessibility and to secure their laptop against a sudden lightning-fast bootups and unexpected shutdowns.

Meanwhile, an Intel Core M is harmoniously integrated with the following technical and overall advantages such as a beyond compare energy efficiency, a thunderbolt kind of speed and so much more. 

An Asus ZenBook UX305FA-USM1 laptop has everything you need that impressively forsees the different facets of an evolving Digital Age.

This laptop is proudly powered by Windows 10. You too can download Windows 10 from!

image credit: Microsoft Store