2016 Consumer Electronics Show

The New Year is quite promising, especially for everyone who loves gadgets, technology, and different forms of electronics as the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show is now formally opened this Wednesday (January 6) and will continue until Saturday (January 9). A wide variety of electronics from different brands will be showcased for the public to see. This will definitely be a haven for techies and critiques.

The biggest electronic showcase in Las Vegas will surely conquer the electronic world again this year through the CES event. Some major companies to expect include Google, Samsung, LG, IBM, and Apple to name some participants. Startups with innovative products will also make an appearance.

Apple, iPhone, and 3D Touch

These past few years since the first iPhone was released in 2007 and each year after that, Apple releases different and exceptional versions as it grows. Apple, or particularly iPhone fans had been anticipating each new release every year since then.

Last year, Apple launched its latest gadgets which included the iPhone 6s Plus, a 5.5 inches’ mobile phone which clearly innovates itself by adding a 3D touch technology. This iPhone version added subtle taps which is very helpful when checking emails quickly and efficiently. 

The first 3D Touch was introduced and used on Apple Watch but was redesigned for iPhones.

Unlike multi-touch technology that only limits usage to tapping, swiping and pinching, the 3D Touch will allow you to "peek" and "pop" as Apple labels it. Peeking allows you to view the content by lightly pressing on the screen. And when you "pop" or press the screen longer, it means it can expand its content, enabling you to interact. 


The Consumer Electronics Show is the best venue for major brands like Apple as well as startups to showcase tech gadgets every year.

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Image credit: Wikimedia